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Feb. 11th, 2008 | 06:37 pm

.... is a very happy day, my dear friends. <3

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Feb. 8th, 2008 | 09:10 pm
mood: Never been worse.

I'm gonna kill even the last motherfucking one of you.

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My mind spins round and round.

Feb. 5th, 2008 | 05:08 pm
mood: Very thoughtful


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Not bad, man. Not bad.

Feb. 4th, 2008 | 02:58 pm

Yeah, I don't have to go to 'Zivildienst' the whole week. Still ill and so on. Seems like this week starts very promising. Let's see....

Here, have a celebration GIF:

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Waves of bullfuck

Feb. 3rd, 2008 | 10:16 pm
mood: sicksick

Today is quite a strange day. Not really bad, not really good, nothing spectacular. It's somehow an uncomfortable feeling. I'm still ill and I don't want to go to 'Zivildienst' tomorrow. Actually I intent to go to the doc, but my dad means I don't have to, because I ain't that ill. Seems like he's the best physician of all time or he just missed to hear my cough, which sounds very stertorous. Not to mention my headache, my cold and the pain in the limbs. What an idiot.
Well, I have to tidy up my room now. In fact I have to tidy up it all the time. Seems like I'm a little chaotic the last days. And fucking bad at drawing, too. Nothing looks like it's supposed to look. Seems my skills vanished in the blink of an eye. But instead of getting them back, I write stupid, senseless blog entries, which won't be read by anyone at all.

I'm outta here.

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A nuclear war, some trousers and why women always talk in riddles.

Feb. 3rd, 2008 | 07:10 pm
mood: Confused
music: Collide - White Rabbit

My dear people, I'm confused, but happy.

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Girugamesh - Munich - 01/24/2008

Jan. 25th, 2008 | 08:44 pm
mood: Girugamoshin'!

Yeah, yesterday I visited the Girugamesh concert in Munich. Needless to say I had to stand up very early in the morning like for every other J-Rock concert. I think it was something about 5.30 am (well, when I went to Cologne for the J-Rock Invasion it was 3.30 am, so I was quite lucky this time). I went there with two other J-Rock fans and after we arrived in Munich, we made our way to Neo Tokyo, where Girugamesh had an autograph session in the early afternoon. As we already were there pretty early, we were some of the first ones who got their autographs. I was quite excited I have to admit, because it's always somehow strange and confusing when you see one of your favorite bands sitting right in front of you. The distance wasn't even a single metre. Well, I got my Girugamesh - Girugamesh (limited edition) album signed. After the autograph session we ate some fast food shit at McDonalds. It tasted like fucking bullfuck, but that was exactly what I expected. Yeah, finally we arrived at the hall at 3.45 pm or something like that. Admission was at 7 pm, so we had a lot of time to sit on the cold asphalt in front of the hall and freeze our asses off. All in all it was very annoying to wait there with a lot of stupid people and the cold temperatures. Terrible. But we had one of the best places right in front of the entrance door, so we were some of the first ones to get in. Shortly after 7 pm we rushed into the hall and my two companions reserved some places directly at the barrier in front of the stage, while I hurried to get some Girugamesh hoodie before the concert started. I really had to speed up things, cause I needed to buy the hoodie and then run into the hall to get a good place as well. But it seems that I was so fast that it wasn't a problem at all. I got a place directly behind the barrier, too. So the distance to the stage was maybe a metre or one and a half.
When Girugamesh finally entered the stage at approximately 8 pm everybody was screaming like a little school girl who saw the backstreet boys for the first time. I was screaming as well, to be honest, but it didn't sound like a little school girl at all. Rather like croaky werewolf or something (seems my voice didn't recover from the J-Rock Invasion in December). And their performance was just incredible! They so fucking rock! Everybody was moshing like a lunatic going berserk and they played very good. The technicians failed hard, but the rest was really indescribable. Hardly seen anything rocking like this! I was impressed. Haha, and Shuu looked so funny all the time. No, not really funny, rather cool. They were all posing like hell and Satochi really ran wild. He was jumping and screaming and screaming and jumping, kicking his microphone and even one of Ryo's cymbals. Absolutely great.
After the concert (ca. 9.45 pm) everyone was exhausted like hell.... we went to the central station and ate something at Burger King. Oh dear, fucking fast food again. But it's quite funny after every concert, when you see every fast food restaurant full of J-Rock fans. Well, we had time up to 5.04 am, cause there were no earlier trains. We sat around at the station, talked a litte, tried to sleep, bored ourselves, whatever. On the way home everybody just slept in the train, while hearing J-Rock with Mp3 player and loudspeakers. I arrived at home on something about 8 am I guess. Tired like hell, but pleased because of a ultra cool concert!

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Back to creativity!

Jan. 6th, 2008 | 03:21 am
mood: tiredtired
music: None.

Yeah, it was about time! I'm back on the plan with new drawings. Finally I'm motivated enough to wield my pencil again! But it seems I lost a lot of 'talent' during my little pause. I won't lose any more words on this topic, cause it's already 3.27 am. The main information was that I'm drawing again, as already said xD

Here's the work of today:


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J-Rock Invasion - EPISODE I

Jan. 2nd, 2008 | 06:30 pm

Yeah, this entry comes a little late, but better late than never!

Well, it's quite obvious what this entry is about. Of course I'm talking about the J-Rock Invasion in Cologne last saturday (12/29/2007)! Omfg! It was so super cool, you won't believe me!
We (four friends and me) started in Nurnberg at 6.07 am by train and after a few hours we arrived at the main station in Cologne at 12.37 pm. So we first hung around at the station with some other Visus and later we took the tram and the subway to get to the Paladium where the J-Rock Invasion took place. There was already a great mass of people who waited in line, but because we had our 'special connections' we got some place right in front of the entry. Not bad at all, but because the securities who let the people in were totally incompetent we waited as many as 30 minutes in the pouring rain. That was the ultimate hair killer for every Visu there. The most ones who had no umbrella were pissed as hell just like me.
When we finally got in there were already lots of people all around, especially in front of the merchandise store. In fact there were so many people there that you had to wait at least for an hour if you wanted to buy something. Of course I was in the mood for buying cool (and very expensive) merchandise stuff, but I wasn't in the mood for standing there for such a long time at all. So I went into the hall quite early to secure some good places. And after standing around and waiting for the beginning, the concert finally started on time at 5.00 pm.
The first and definitely the best band of the evening was SuG. The music was fucking great, the band was fucking cool and the atmosphere was fucking awesome! Especially the vocalist Takeru was funny like hell. He jumped around all the time, smiled super cute and his voice was damn impressing. And his style was damn gorgeous. He wore just some jeans, as far as I remember and a big pink shirt with green letters on it, saying something like 'WAR PIGS DIE' or something. When he came in he also wore some silver jacket, but without the jacket it looked much better. And omg! His blonde hair was very superb, but I don't think that it is possible to describe it commensurate so I'll upload some pictures later maybe. Hahaha, and at one point Takeru suddenly stopped singing and said 'I'm a Japanese ninja! My name is Naruto! Shuriken! Shuriken!' and made some really funny gestures with his hands. I had to laugh so hard xD And at the end Takeru threw his water bottle into the audience and directly hit my chest! I was so shocked by this fact that I wasn't able to catch the bottle in time, but a friend got it and at least I was allowed to drink from it. Omg! I drank from Takeru's water bottle! <3 Yeah, SuG really was the best band. So absolutely great.
The next band was Screw. Very cool as well. The music rocked my ass off and the band was just as I expected. A little pseudo evil, but extremely  awesome of course, too! I jumped around and screamed like hell. Really great.
The third band was Kra. I'm not really a Kra fanboy, but they were really good and played quite for a long time. I tried to recover a bit from SuG and Screw to be able to rock on with Alice Nine and Kagrra.
Yeah, right after Kra left the stage Alice Nine started playing. Complete in white as usual of course. It goes without saying that they were really good, but nevertheless worse than I expected.
After a long time without water, food or any seat, I was already a bit exhausted when Kagrra entered. But they were so absolutely great. Damn awesome. Ishii looks so fucking cool with his Kimono and he's moving very elegant and generally in a very cool way, which was very impressing to me. And I have to say that he's one of the best singers ever. At least one of the best ones I know. So I was a lot more impressed when he showed the real power of his gorgeous voice. All in all Kagrra played really long and also performed a new song which wasn't released in Japan before! So we were the first ones to hear! Yeah!
After all 5 bands were through, the people left the hall and tried to get out, because it was really hot and everyone was thirsty as hell. I tried to buy some SuG-shirt, but there were still so many people in front of the merchandise store and it surely would have taken hours to wait there for some oppurtunity to buy anything.... But after waiting for some minutes I received the information that the SuG-shirts were already sold out, so I was quite depressed and went outside, where the others were already waiting for me. After standing around for some more minutes we started walking to the tram station where we directly took the tram to the Cologne main station. Well, we had to wait there for our train till 0.56 am. After a really long journey we arrived home at 12.15 pm on 12/30/2007.
Yeah, that was it. And it was so damn great. Yay!

Ah, by the way, because I was outside in the pouring rain as I already mentioned, I became ill.... Damn!

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Meri Kurisumasu!

Dec. 25th, 2007 | 06:58 pm

Meri Kurisumasu to everyone!

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